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Frequently Asked Questions


Are BlankC golf headcovers toys?

Answer – No they are not toys and the headcovers are designed for art

Can children play with the headcovers?

Answer – If supervised by an adult then yes but please beware there is a choking hazard warning – Small parts Not for children under 3 years. So if children want to play/draw on the figure then please make sure there is an adult present.

What should be enclosed within the box?

Answer – There should be 1 x golf head cover, 1 x permanent marker pen and 1 x design page

My driver head seems to be a tight fit?

Answer – The Luggs headcover is designed to suit the maximum size head used as part of the rules of golf, which is 460cc. The head will fit but if it slightly tight it will just need a gentle push and it will fit perfectly. It has to be a reasonably tight fit so that the headcover does not move around or fall off during a round of golf.

How is best to take the head cover off the golf club?

Answer – The best way to do this is to pull the headcover off using the leg of the figure and it will simply slip off. 

What happens if an arm breaks or comes lose?

Answer – Unfortunately this could happen if the head cover is used in a manner that is not normally used for a round of golf. For example thrown/ dropped or in transition, car etc… This can be simply fixed by using a form of super glue

My figure has a small stain/mark on it when taken out of the box?

There may be a few occasions where there is a small mark/stain on figures and this is simply through handling of the products in the factory when they are made. This can be simply be removed by using soap and water.

What happens if the figure gets really hot?

Answer – If this happens then the headcover could become quite soft and supple but will harden again once back to an acceptable temperature. 

Can I take the headcover on an aeroplane?

Answer – Yes but again due to the cabin pressure this may cause the figure to misshapen. If this happens then simply us a hair dryer to heat up and re-shape back to it’s original condition.

How many times can I design a BlankC golf headcover?

Answer – This depends on what is used on the headcover. If a permanent marker or paint are used then normally the head cover can only be used once. But if you use a washable marker then you can design it as many times as you like. But please be aware that if you use a washable marker pen then if wet the design can be removed so it would not be ideal to be used on a golf course when raining etc…

My design has faded, what do I do?

Answer – If this happens then you will need to go over the design again to re-design in the same way as the original design.

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