‘GET CREATIVE’ and create your Masterpiece!

The below are the methods and recommendations from our artist team. These are tried and tested tips but BlankC golf will not be held responsible for the outcome of any customisations made to any head cover.

  • Before starting your head cover’s design we suggest using the design page that is included with the head cover or download from the website.
  • Try out designs/colours and create your masterpiece before adding it to the real thing.
  • By using the design page you can afford to make a few mistakes before you start on your head cover.
  • Wash your hands to remove any oils or use latex gloves
  • Wash your headcover with a sponge with warm soapy water to remove any grease etc…This will help give you a good foundation to create your design and make it last longer
  • When creating your design we suggest having the sock inside the head so that you do not draw/paint or damage your sock. Also try your best to protect the sock so maybe some form of protection to help with this, a plastic bag etc..
  • We suggest also using a pencil to create your design/pattern first so that if you make any mistakes it can be rubbed out easily
  • Test whatever method you are thinking of using on the bottom of the headcovers foot as it will give you an idea on how it would work on vinyl as some products act different on different surfaces
  • Marker pens work best on vinyl and require the least amount of preparation.
  • You will not need to prime your figure when using this method.
  • Permanent marker pens, paint pens and most water based markers work well on your headcover especially if you don’t want to prime your figure.


  • Never use enamel markers as this could damage your figure and also the paint will never dry
  • Most customisers use a primer on their work.
  • Using a primer will allow the paint to adhere better to the head cover. This will help any paint stick better and will give you a good quality finish.
  • When applying primer please remember to work in a well-ventilated area and wear a mask at all time.
  • Before you start painting make sure you tape up any bits you don’t want to paint
  • Invest in good brushes.
  • We suggest using a synthetic brush as this will give you a nice smooth application and a good even coverage and will help with your control of painting fine lines and shaping your work.
  • An acrylic paint would be best used on our head covers as this gives you a nice smooth finish. If using good quality paints it may not require a primer
  • To get the best results and even colours we suggest applying several thin coats but this will depend on the quality of paint you use
  • If you are thinking of using spray paints then your design will need to have a primer applied. If you do not apply a primer your headcover will be very sticky for a long time
  • To make sure that your custom head cover will not fade, scratch or peel then we suggest using a clear acrylic sealer. This can come in a spray form or via bottle and brush form and come in a few different finishes such as gloss, satin etc.. so it will be personal choice of the customiser.
  • Again when applying the sealer build up thin layers to produce the effect you require
  • As golf head covers will get bashed about out on the golf course and during transit then chips are inevitable but by taking as much care a possible with you figure will help prevent this
  • We suggest using a glue gun if you have one available if not then try plastic glue or even superglue.
  • When using glue be careful not to stick your fingers together.
  • If you are thinking of adding bigger pieces such as sculpt parts etc… then a 2 part epoxy glue such as Magic Sculp would work the best.
  • Do not use craft glue as it does not stick to vinyl.
  • This can be done by warming up your vinyl headcover with a hair dryer so that the head cover becomes soft and the you can cut out your design with an art knife or something similar.
  • When cutting the head cover be very careful as the vinyl when warmed cuts like butter.
  • Even the best artists in the world make mistakes so don’t worry too much if this happens.
  • You can always draw/paint over these mistakes.
  • The most important thing is that you enjoy creating your very own masterpiece and ‘Get Creative’.
  • Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and don’t be afraid to try different ideas and designs.
  • Remember to upload your photos of your masterpiece on to social media website using the #BlankCgolf.
  • If you feel that you really need to start again then using acetone or nail polisher remover will do the job and paint can be peeled/scraped off, but embrace the mistakes.

Download the Design Page here.

Warning: If you are under 15 years old we suggest using markers and crayons, or possibly team up with an adult.

‘Get Creative’ and make Golf an Art'